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Accident Attorneys in Utah


If you’ve been in an accident, you need experienced accident lawyers in Utah. No matter who you are or where you are, accidents can and do happen. If you feel you’ve been injured physically or psychologically due to the negligence of another party, person, or agency, you have a case and we want to help you receive the compensation you deserve. A personal injury claim could include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

Utah is a beautiful place to live. With its diverse landscape and defined four seasons, it’s no wonder people are flocking to the state in droves. The majestic Wasatch Front mountains offer unmatched winter skiing while Thanksgiving Point and City Creek offer year-round attractions and fun for everyone. However, with all the Utah growth from St George to Salt Lake City to Logan, Ogden, and Provo, traffic is increasing which can only mean an increase in traffic accidents as well. We also serve Idaho and Wyoming!



Common Types of Personal Injury Accidents in Utah

A personal injury can be caused by a variety of different kinds of accidents. Accidents that result in personal injuries can sometimes become very serious and can leave you suffering for years to come. People may suffer from head injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, brain and soft tissue injuries or other injuries that may even lead to wrongful death. We have a team of accident and personal injury lawyers in Utah that are extremely versed in a variety of areas:


Medical Malpractice Form and Gavel

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

We put an enormous amount of trust in our health care providers. So much of our health and lifestyle hinges on the medical professionals we put our faith in. If you or a loved one was injured at the hand of a negligent medical professional, it isn’t to be taken lightly. You will want to see that the responsible party is held accountable. Filing a medical malpractice claim in the state of Utah is not for the faint of heart and can be a very complicated undertaking. Let a Utah personal injury attorney who is versed in medical malpractice law take the reins and the pressure off of you.

Utah Domestic Violence Law

Physical Abuse and Domestic Violence Lawyer

Survivors of domestic or physical abuse may have the option to sue the
perpetrator in civil court and receive the compensation they deserve. This
could entail reimbursement for physical and emotional injuries as well as
retribution for other losses.

Gavel and Scales of Justice

Road and Car Accident Lawyer

An experienced car accident attorney can remove the burden from your back and help you get the money that you need and deserve. We know how to get around the hurdles insurance companies put up to frustrate and wear you out. No matter how big or small your case, we will fight tirelessly to give it the attention it deserves.


Construction Hat and Gavel


Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction workers in Utah can be exposed to some extremely dangerous situations and work conditions. Faulty machinery or tools, unsafe structures, or simply bad judgment calls can all contribute to harmful construction accidents. We understand the unique situations this industry faces and are dedicated to helping innocent workers who have been hurt, get the help they need.

Dog Biting Man's Arm

Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites cause an astounding amount of injuries in Utah every year and a large percentage of them become infected. Even if a dog bite may appear at first to be minuscule, injuries caused by a dog’s bite should not be ignored or go untreated. More times than not, the dog attack victims are either friends with the dog owner or are related. Nobody wants to sue a friend or family member! But what they don’t realize is that the claim will be filed against the home owner’s insurance policy. We understand how to handle these sensitive situations with the utmost compassion and empathy.

Hit and Run Form Papers

Hit and Run Lawyer

It’s vital that you contact a hit-and-run accident attorney immediately following your accident to protect yourself. In the state of Utah, leaving the scene of a car accident is a significant offense. Your charges can vary from a violation to a felony. If you injure an individual and leave the scene, you will most likely receive a felony..


Person Walking on Broken Asphault

Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you slipped and fell due to someone else’s negligence, we can help. When injuries are sustained because of unsafe conditions on someone else’s property, the property owner is usually held responsible. The Cache Valley, Logan area, with its vast amounts of snowfall each winter and frigid temperatures, unfortunately, creates the perfect dynamic for this kind of accident.

Workers Compensation

Utah Workers Compensation Lawyer

The legal system and insurance companies are designed to take advantage of people who aren’t familiar with the law and haven’t hired an attorney to represent them. If you’ve been hurt at work, you need an attorney who not only knows the law inside and out but will fight to help you win every cent you deserve. Click here to learn more about worker’s comp law in Utah.


Utah Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful Death Lawyer

Finding a good Utah wrongful death lawyer can help you file a lawsuit and get compensated for damages and pain you’ve experienced. This is never easy to go through and nobody should have to go through. Give us a call or schedule a free consultation and we’ll help you through this. 

Disabled Person in Wheelchair in Moab


Utah Disability Lawyer

Our goal is to help strengthen and enforce the laws that protect the choices and legal rights of people with disabilities in Utah. Having a knowledgeable disability lawyer to walk you through every step of the process is your best chance of getting approved for Social Security disability benefits. Sit down with us and we’ll give you a completely free consultation to create a plan to ensure the best possible outcome for your needs.

Utah Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are known to cause some of the most life-threatening injuries. Insurance companies do not have your back, but we will. Our motorcycle accident attorneys will fight insurance companies on your behalf until you’ve received the fair compensation you deserve. We want you to focus on a complete recovery which is why we do the dirty work so you can heal as quickly as possible.

Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Many drivers fail to see pedestrians or think about their safety. Drivers often speed through crosswalks, putting pedestrians at risk. It goes without saying, accidents involving pedestrians can end in devastation. If you’ve been injured, you may not know what your claim is worth or even how to start the ball rolling. That’s where we come in. We offer comprehensive legal services to pursue your case every step of the way. And we do it quickly!

Street Crossing Lights

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

It’s the goal of insurance companies to pay as little as possible for your claim. Without the legal knowledge and expertise of a professional on your side, it can be difficult to know how to fight for what you deserve. We can develop an appropriate legal strategy for you and help you claim compensation for all your expenses.


Why You Need a Utah Personal Injury Attorney

When you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, no doubt you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Facing damaged vehicles, steep medical bills, insurance companies, and other financial difficulties can leave you not knowing where to turn. At Harris, Preston, and Chambers, we know what you’re going through and we want to be there to help.

Our attorneys know from experience how to best help you get the maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. Trying to settle a claim on your own, without a personal injury attorney by your side, is often a very difficult and confusing experience without a positive outcome. Having a trusted Utah personal injury attorney to help navigate this uncharted territory will exponentially increase your settlement amount.


What Do I Do If I’ve Been in an Accident?

When you’re in an accident, you’re left flustered and confused. It’s intimidating and overwhelming to know what to do next. It really isn’t as complicated as it may seem. First, obtain a police report which should include photos of your accident and the testimonies of any witnesses.

Second, we’ll help you build the best injury claim possible for your case. And last, our expert attorneys will help get you the best settlement possible for your claim Don’t make the mistake of thinking you might not have a case or trying to navigate the intimidating legal system alone. Our experienced attorneys are here to aggressively fight for your rights and help you get fairly compensated for all you have been through. Whether you need an attorney for a dog bite or a brain injury, we can help. Schedule your free legal consultation today!



Quality Accident Attorneys in Utah 

No one wants to deal with piles of medical bills, shady insurance adjusters, or the immense pain that follows after you’ve been injured in an accident. You need accident attorneys who can help return your life to the way it was before your accident. Your recovery is our number one priority. We have the ability to help you secure the fair compensation you deserve for the physical and emotional damages you incurred after an injury. 

Trying to settle an accident case on your own is extremely difficult. Let our proven track record of helping accident victims speak for itself. Our attorneys are ready to help you receive every dollar you’re owed for your injuries and losses. Many accident victims can become frustrated, convincing themselves that their lives will never be normal again. We understand what you’re going through and want to walk the path with you. Our firm will be by your side every step of the way, offering open communication and being there to listen to your needs.

What Happens in a Personal Injury Lawsuit? 

There are several steps involved in filing a personal injury lawsuit. This process typically starts if you feel insurance is being unfair and you can’t come to an agreement. 

  • The first step in the process is to file a complaint. The party on the other side then files an answer to that complaint. 
  • Then comes the discovery period. During this time questions are sent to the other side, informal investigations are done, and depositions are taken to help figure out what actually happened in your case. Ultimately everyone needs to know who is at fault. 
  • Next comes the expert discovery period. Experts study the information that has been gathered and state who they believe is to blame. 
  • Last is the time for filing motions and any other pretrial workup before going to trial.

Utah Personal Injury Lawyer Brett ChambersShould I Contact My Insurance After an Injury?

Many people wonder if they need to speak with insurance companies following an injury. We recommend not speaking to an insurance adjuster until after you’ve spoken with a Utah Personal Injury Lawyer. Insurance companies are trying their absolute best to pay out as little amount of damages as possible. Adjusters are trained to ask certain questions in a certain way that can potentially hurt your case in the long run while helping theirs.

How Do I Know If the Settlement Offer is Good? 

Unless the insurance adjuster is offering the full amount of the insurance policy, we recommend never taking the first settlement offer. As you can imagine, this almost never happens. Most of the time, the adjuster is willing to offer more money than their original offer. In our experience, insurance lowballs their first offer to leave room for negotiation throughout the process.

*Nothing herein constitutes legal advice. You should obtain independent legal counsel regarding your specific factual situation.

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