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There are plenty of reasons why you might need a construction law attorney in Utah. Whether you are planning a major development project or a simple home renovation, a legal nightmare is just one mistake away. Construction projects may involve multiple contractors and subcontractors performing any number of tasks simultaneously in order to meet strict deadlines. Not only this, but government regulations can affect any construction project: noncompliance with these regulations can result in the project’s completion date being delayed.

Whether you are a homeowner who has hired workers to renovate or repair your home or you are a general contractor overseeing a multi-million dollar project, the Logan, Utah construction lawyers of Harris, Preston & Chambers, LLP can help ensure your legal rights are protected. Also, if you’ve been injured in a construction accident, we can help you with that. 

Construction Law



The precise services that a Utah construction lawyer will provide will depend on the client’s needs; a client who is a homeowner or property owner will have different needs and objectives than a general contractor overseeing a project:


  • For the general contractor, it is important that the scope of your work is clearly spelled out in a well-drafted contract. It is equally important that the contracts with your subcontractors and suppliers are also well-written and clearly indicate the work they are to perform, any quality or performance requirements the subcontractor must meet, and important deadlines. A construction law attorney can also help you take steps to obtain payment for the work you have done through liens and other methods.
  • For the property owner, a well-drafted contract is also essential to ensure the work performed is sufficient to pass inspections and complies with government regulations in addition to being of the quality you want. A construction law attorney can help you resolve disputes that may arise with the general contractor or subcontractor and help keep the project moving. Your construction law attorney can also help you anticipate potential government regulations or rules that must be complied with so that the work is completed correctly the first time.

Whether working for the general contractor or the property owner, the construction law attorney is a valuable member of the team who helps each party avert potential problems before they become large and expensive disputes that derail the project. Of course, if a dispute does arise that requires litigation, the construction law attorney is there to vigorously represent his or her client’s interests. We know a great deal about Utah construction law because we’ve been providing construction legal services for years. 

Construction Law


The law firm of Harris, Preston & Chambers, LLP has represented clients in Logan, Rich, Cache, Weber, and Salt Lake Counties on both sides of construction law disputes. Our goal in each case is the same: to help our clients successfully resolve the dispute quickly but effectively. We help our clients attempt to anticipate and address problems early through careful crafting of contracts, but when litigation is necessary, will vigorously pursue your property rights. Learn how our Logan, Utah construction law attorneys can help your upcoming project or home renovation by setting up a consultation.

Contact your Logan, Utah construction attorneys at Harris, Preston & Chambers, LLP today by calling (435) 752-3551.

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