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At Harris, Preston & Chambers, LLP, our philosophy is that clients are best served by the prevention of legal problems through careful and thorough planning. Our experienced civil litigation attorneys look for the most practical and cost-effective solution. However, when litigation is necessary, they provide aggressive representation of our clients’ rights and interests. Statistics show that the vast majority of legal disputes end with a settlement between the parties. Some estimates show that up to 90% or more of lawsuits end in this manner. Those cases that do not get resolved usually must go through litigation in court.


penWhat does a Civil Litigation Attorney do?

A civil litigation attorney is one who is familiar with the laws, rules, and procedures governing the conduct of civil trials. This attorney will be well-versed in how to:


  • File a civil lawsuit or respond to a lawsuit;
  • Conduct discovery and obtain evidence through investigations, depositions, and other means;
  • File pre-trial motions that can resolve the case before trial or that will limit the amount of adverse evidence that would be admitted at trial and respond to any such motions made by the other party;
  • Present evidence and elicit testimony from witnesses at trial;
  • File appropriate paperwork to appeal an adverse decision by the trial court; and
  • Present legal issues to the appellate court that demonstrate that the trial court made errors and require a reversal of the trial court’s decisions.

If you were to represent yourself instead of hiring a civil litigation attorney, you would be expected to be able to perform these tasks on your own. Neither the court nor any other attorney involved in the case would be able to assist you in completing these tasks in the proper manner or at the proper time. Failing to complete any one of these tasks at the proper time and in the proper manner can severely prejudice your case – or result in the dismissal of your case entirely.


How do I Choose the Right Civil Litigation Attorney?

It can be difficult to choose a civil litigation attorney when there are many choices available. How do you know which civil litigation attorney is right for you? Ask yourself:

  • What attorneys have years of experience representing litigants in court?
  • What attorneys have courtroom experience litigating the issues present in my case (whether these issues pertain to family law, probate law, corporate law, or some other area of law)?
  • What law firm has civil litigation attorneys who are able to represent me both before the trial court and appeal an adverse decision to the appellate courts if needed?

The Logan, Utah attorneys of Harris, Preston & Chambers, LLP possess the knowledge and experience necessary to make us your ideal choice to be your civil litigation attorneys. We partner with our clients early to fully investigate their claims, identify supporting witnesses and evidence, and persuasively present our clients’ interests in court. We are familiar with how evidence and testimony needs to be presented in court and how to protect your interest from the moment the case is filed until an appellate decision is made.

Learn how we can help you with your civil dispute by calling us at (435) 752-3551 and setting up a consultation with our Logan, Utah lawyers and civil litigation team.

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