Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in Utah

From the majestic Wasatch Mountains to the sheer red rock of Zion National Park, Utah is known for its diverse scenic beauty. In fact, tourists come from around the world to see the wonders our state has to offer. But with that beauty comes danger. Many of our state roads are constantly cluttered with construction. Some roads go through winding canyons with steep slopes. And some roads are congested with traffic that can make driving conditions difficult.

Whether you’re a resident Utahn or a tourist to our great state, make sure you drive with extra caution on the following most dangerous roads in Utah. If you’ve been in an accident and need an injury lawyer, click the button below or call us to get a free consultation. We serve all of Utah from Salt Lake City all the way down to St George




Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in Utah

  1. I-15

Running from Sweetgrass, Montana to San Diego, California, this 1400-mile-long highway is a major route for traveling north-south within the state of Utah. Chances are if you’re hearing about a major accident in Utah, it happened on I-15. Here are some of the dangerous conditions you’ll want to watch out for. 


  • Major traffic
  • Construction
  • High speeds  

First of all, during rush hour traffic, I-15 comes to a standstill in many areas from the top of Ogden to the bottom of Provo. If you’re not paying attention, you could find yourself in a multi-car pileup. Construction to keep up with the demands of a growing state means new traffic patterns, slowdowns, and narrow lanes. Finally, if you’re caught on I-15 during one of Utah’s many winter storms, you’ll need to drive slowly and carefully so you don’t slip off the road.  

  1. US Route 6

US Route 6 is one of the main roads for traveling east-west in the state of Utah. The route, which runs through several states, has a rich history. But the highway is inarguably one of the most dangerous roads in Utah. Here are some of the hazards you’ll encounter.


  • Head-on collisions
  • High speeds
  • Narrow lanes
  • Busy truck route
  • Winding curves

This rural highway goes through canyons and deserts, with no divider between sides. Truckers use this route to go back and forth from Denver to SLC, and passing one can be very risky. Fatal accidents occur here too frequently. If you’re driving Route 6, make sure to be careful, especially around the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon.

  1. I-80

Ranked number 3 in Utah for traffic fatalities, I-80 is an east-west road that spans the entire United States. Near Salt Lake, I-80 passes through the “spaghetti bowl,” a convoluted intersection between I-15, I-80, and SR-201. This portion of I-80 is one of the most crash-prone areas. Keep these hazards in mind when traveling on I-80.


  • High speed
  • Dangerous winter conditions
  • Traffic congestion
  • Crash-prone highway
  • Animal migration areas

If you’re using I-80, make sure to watch out for sudden slow-downs. Drive with extra caution in inclement weather, and watch out for animals migrating across the roadway.

  1. Parley’s Canyon

Next on our list of most dangerous roads is Parley’s Canyon. If you’re traveling between Salt Lake and Park City, Parley’s Canyon is the best route to reach your destination. However, the road can be quite dangerous. Here are some of the hazards you’ll encounter when driving through Parley’s Canyon.


  • Steep grade
  • Dangerous winter conditions
  • Semi trucks traveling at slow speeds
  • Fast speeds
  • Curving roads

This section of I-80 has steep, curving roads. In the summer, the grade in and of itself can be scary. Winter road conditions, however, can make this road treacherous to drive. Be cautious when passing semi-trucks, which likely will be going slowly as they climb the canyon roads. 

  1. I-70

Another east-west interstate, I-70 is next on our list of Utah’s most dangerous roads. Unlike many of the other roads on our list, I-70 goes through no major cities in Utah. The views are beautiful, with mountains and cliffsides, but this road is dangerous for several reasons. Watch out for these hazards while driving I-70.


  • Winding turns
  • Slow-moving semi-trucks
  • No services from Green River to Salinas

If you’re planning to drive on I-70, make sure you gas up before entering the hundred-mile stretch with no services from Green River to Salinas. Follow the speed limit while going up and down steep grades. And if you’re traveling at sunset or sunrise, be especially cautious as you take turns as the angle of the sun can be almost blinding around curves.  

  1. Moki Dugway

Number six on our list of dangerous Utah roads is Moki Dugway, a winding stretch of road on US Highway 261. From Moki Dugway, you’ll see beautiful views of the Valley of the Gods and the San Juan River Canyon. But, for many reasons, the Moki Dugway is as dangerous as it is beautiful.


  • Dirt road
  • Winding turns
  • 11% grade
  • Cliffside road with no guard-rails

Driving the Moki Dugway is an experience in itself. But you’ll want to take extra caution as you traverse one of Utah’s most dangerous roads. Make sure to drive slowly up or down this road while you enjoy the view. 

  1. US Highway 89

US Highway 89 is next on our list of dangerous Utah roads. This north-south road goes from Flagstaff, Arizona up to the Canadian border. In Utah, it passes through remote-but-scenic areas, including Zion National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, and Bryce Canyon National Park. One of the most dangerous sections of the road runs through Logan Canyon. Cars have crashed into the Logan River, causing fatal injuries. 


  • Logan River
  • Remote locations
  • Winding roads
  • Winter weather conditions

If you’re planning to visit some of Utah’s most famous national parks, chances are you’ll have to take this beautiful but dangerous US Highway. Make sure you take caution as you travel to your destination.

  1. I-215

Called the Belt Route by locals, I-215 is eighth on our list of dangerous Utah roads. This highway parallels I-15 before curving east-west to take drivers in a loop around Salt Lake. Considered a connecting route, this road is as useful as it is dangerous. Consider these risky conditions when driving I-215.


  • Traffic congestion
  • Winter road conditions
  • High speeds

I-215 is a busy route that becomes congested with traffic at rush hour. Sudden slowdowns can cause collisions, and winter weather can make the road slippery to drive. Be especially careful when driving during these conditions on I-215. 

  1. Bangerter Highway (SR-154)

With increased development on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley, Bangerter Highway has come to fill the need for better roads. The road runs from the Salt Lake International Airport in the north to Bluffdale in the south, where it connects to I-15. The road was originally built as a high-speed highway with stoplights at intersections but is currently being transformed to function more like a freeway. Bridges and on-ramps have been built at many of the busiest intersections, with more planned. Here are some of the dangers of driving on Bangerter Highway.


  • Frequent construction
  • Varying traffic patterns
  • Stop-and-go traffic
  • High speeds
  • Traffic congestion

One of the most dangerous aspects of Bangerter Highway might just be the varying traffic patterns at every intersection. Some stoplights are designed in a traditional way, while others have left turns crossing to the extreme far left. Pay careful attention to signs to make sure you don’t make a potentially-fatal move.

  1. I-84

Last on our list of dangerous roads is I-84. Compared to other states it runs through, I-84 only has a short segment in Utah, totaling about 120 miles from Echo, Utah to the Idaho state border. I-84 runs concurrently with I-15 for about 30 miles, from Brigham City to Tremonton. If you’re traveling on I-84, you’ll want to watch for these hazards. 


  • Major usage by semi-trucks
  • Winter weather conditions
  • Remote sections of road

Long stretches of I-84 go through remote areas with limited access to services. Winter weather can also be severe, especially near Snowville. You’ll also want to watch out for semi-trucks, which make up to 50% of the traffic on this roadway. 

Most Dangerous Roads in Utah Conclusion

Even the best of drivers can find themselves in dangerous situations on these roads. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident or truck accident, we’re here to help. We take on the work of getting you fairly compensated so you can focus on resting and rehabilitating. 

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